Hazelnut spread - The Original

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Milk chocolate Piedmont hazelnut spread.
A clever mix entirely home-made!

The secret of a well-kept recipe for an exceptional pleasure.

Available in 150g and 250g jars.


Disponible en pots de 150g, 250g et 1,1kg

Allergènes : 6,7,8

A conserver entre 16 et 18°C à l’abri de l’humidité

The origin of our products

As much as possible, we favor local products and carefully select our local partners such as milk, cream and honey which are Luxembourgish and proud of it!

Hazelnuts come from the Piedmont region. Characterized for their fine and intense taste, they are generously flavored, which makes them particularly light and delicious at the same time.

Our oranges are all Sicilian, it's a real bath in the sun that we love to offer to our delicacies.

The famous pistachios from Iran are recognized worldwide for their intense taste and their deep green which wonderfully decorates our chocolates.

For our most indulgent bites, we prefer sweet almonds without bitterness like Spanish Valencia almonds.

Maison Genaveh is recognized for its artisanal know-how inspired by Franco-Belgian trends. The recipes are developed with respect for local or seasonal flavors by artisans who put all their passion at the service of your delicacy. Their love for chocolate and their talent for creation come to life in each candy.

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