LE QUOTIDIEN - A chocolate Christmas with Genaveh - 12/21/2022

From her workshop-boutique in Steinfort or her stalls on rue Philippe-II, Alexandra Kahn (31) has every reason to be proud of the Christmas creations of Genaveh, an iconic figure in Luxembourg chocolate.

The product

Christmas is the great time for chocolate and the Luxembourg icon Genaveh honors the tradition. All his creations are made in the Steinfort workshop, the birthplace of the house. But in the window of the store on rue Philippe-II, what catches the eye is the spectacular Christmas reindeer. “ I consider it as a piece to put on the table to be shared after the meal ,” smiles Alexandra Kahn, at the head of

the chocolate factory since 2017.


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WORT - Alexandra, Nicolas and the chocolate - 11/21/2022

Since taking over the Genaveh company a few years ago, the young woman has continued to strive to magnify the work accomplished before her.

All this, firstly, by consolidating recipes and creating new perfumes, new packaging, all sprinkled with brilliant ideas, and, secondly, by being surrounded by a team that she calls herself formidable.

And what about the latest creations for Saint-Nicolas?

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PAPERJAM - Genaveh, a rebirth to eat - 08/16/2022

Made in Lux: a label that everyone knows, if only thanks to the crown logo. This summer, Paperjam is introducing you to 10 Luxembourg companies whose production is 100% local. Today, let's discover the Genaveh chocolate factory.

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PAPERJAM - Genaveh chocolates in the upper town - 03/09/2022

After a winter pop-up, the Luxembourg chocolate brand Genaveh has chosen to establish itself permanently in the city center. Visiting places.

Genaveh chocolates are now well established in the capital, with a brand new flagship store opened last Friday at number 1 rue Philippe II, after a winter pop-up .

“This represents a big step, but it is also the logical continuation of our development, it simply arrived earlier than I imagined,” comments Alexandra Kahn, boss of the SME based in Steinfort.

It decided to accelerate this project after Easter 2021, where it experienced an influx of requests from individuals at its point of sale adjoining its factory. Finally, she fell for this 40m2 cell located on one of the busiest commercial arteries in the capital, where a flow of workers, residents and passing tourists mingle.

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WOMEN MAGAZINE - Alexandra Kahn: "I love being challenged more than anything" - 06/02/2022

Since 2017, Alexandra Kahn has run, with passion, the only artisanal chocolate factory in the country: Genaveh. Never satisfied, the young woman is teeming with ideas and never stops presenting new products to satisfy her many loyal customers. Very recently, the brand opened a boutique, with a refined style, in the city center. An opening that rewards the work provided by Alexandra Kahn and her entire team.

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LUXEMBOURG WORT - At Genaveh, we are never chocolate! - 09/15/2022


A quick overview, as a prelude to a gentle and flavorful last trimester...

There was Steinfort, there is now Luxembourg City, and given the pace at which the Genaveh chocolate factory is progressing, who knows how far this local artisanal workshop can go? To find out, nothing could be simpler, just take a quick inventory with the owner and manager, Mrs. Alexandra Kahn...

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LUXEMBOURG WORT - I order... national holiday, chocolate taste! - 06/19/2022

For the festivities around the Grand Duke's birthday, Genaveh is innovating again...

We no longer need to introduce Alexandra Kahn, dynamic young woman at the head of the Luxembourg chocolate factory Genaveh. For the festivities which will take place around the much-anticipated national holiday, the chocolate factory is adorned with sweets in the colors of the country and offers delicious chocolate exclusives.

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Tasty Luxembourg - Gourmand et Croquant

La chocolaterie Genaveh veut devenir la référence au Luxembourg en matière de chocolat. 

Ce n'est peut être pas la première spécialité culinaire qui viendrait à l'esprit du plus grand nombre mais le chocolat - lui aussi - peut être luxembourgeois. 

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