Founded in 2005 by Geula Naveh and taken over in 2017 by the young entrepreneur Alexandra Kahn, the Genaveh house is recognized for its artisanal know-how inspired by Franco-Belgian trends. The recipes are developed with respect for local or seasonal flavors by artisans who put all their passion at the service of your delicacy. Their love for chocolate and their talent for creation come to life in each candy.




Chef chocolatier


Workshop Manager


Chocolate maker


Chocolate maker


Chocolate maker




Order preparer


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Order preparer


Chocolate maker

Supplier to the Grand Ducal Court

Since 2022, the Genaveh chocolate factory is proud to have received the official title of supplier to the Court.

A privileged title that we are very honored to carry...

Guarantee of prestige, excellence and quality.

A cocoa committed to tasty and ethical sweets

We source our products from plantations where the producer is at the heart of all attention: the cocoa beans are recognized for their unique taste and obtained in conditions that respect people and the environment.
- fixed price for fairer remuneration for planters
- protection of the natural habitat of beans to fight against the disappearance of varieties
- rights of planters and access to education

Innovation, the very essence of the house

We constantly seek to challenge your palate, titillate your senses and develop new flavors in order to provide you with a true experience with each bite. It is in this sense that our artisans redouble their creativity each season, imagining new tastes and creating new emotions. By working on less sugary candies and a selection of vegan and gluten-free products, we ensure that indulgence is accessible to everyone.


To make our chocolates more responsible, we have chosen to present them in recycled cardboard packaging. The transparent part is made of organic plastic based on wood fiber, which makes them 100% biodegradable and compostable. We work in close collaboration with Graine de Vie, an association whose mission is to offset the ecological footprint of residents by planting trees in developing countries. We participate alongside them in planting 12,000 trees each year. While we can't be perfect, we do everything we can to improve!

Ils parlent de nous

Boxes, tablets, spreads... all our products are now available directly in our new store.

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